Become transparent.

Vitreous helps you raise funds and build trust with your donors through transparency.

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Transparency is all about knowing who, why, what, how and how much. However, transparency is not only about making information available, but ensuring it can be easily accessed, understood and used by everyone.

Lack of transparency leads to corruption and fraud. While it would require direct government involvement to solve these issues at the highest levels, Vitreous can take it one step at a time and provide tools for people to identify and warn about fraud or prove trustworthiness.

Vitreous' mission

Our mission is to research transparency, make transparent data easy to understand and introduce these solutions to Stellar.As an extension to Stellar’s mission to bank the unbanked, we want to provide transparent accounts with social features, connect them to the booming DeFi ecosystem, and bring money where it’s needed, while building trust that the donated funds are spent effectively.

Who can benefit from transparent accounts?

Charities and nonprofits

Connect with donors and show them the impact of their donations.

Political campaigns

Prove your trustworthiness to voters and prevent suspicion of questionable funding.


Schools, hospitals, personal campaigns, influencers, content creators, sport clubs etc.

Once the unbanked are banked, they can use Vitreous to fund their needs.

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